Law firm DE GANCK was founded in Ghent on January 1, 1987 and has acquired great professional ability in the field of social legislation, both in labour law as well as in social security law. The firm also has considerable expertise in medical contract law.

At the time the firm was founded it was one of the very first niche offices in the field of social legislation in the area. This explains why today the firm’s name is very well known and why it has won an important clientele situated both in the profit and in the social profit sector as well as in the governement.

Nowadays the firm counts 10 lawyers who are supported by a library and document management responsible and a secretariat.

The main activities of the firm are directed towards social legislation (i.e. individual and collective labour law, social security law and related branches of law), in addition to medical contract law.

The firm seeks to offer specific and pragmatic solutions, consistent with the legal context and bearing in mind the client’s company culture and interests.

Starting from this objective the firm counsels and supports mainly companies both from the profit and the social profit sector, in legal questions concerning individual or collective personnel management, as well as individuals. In addition the firm chiefly defends companies during negotiations with the trade unions and before the competent courts in social and labour disputes or offences. As far as medical contract law is concerned, the firm counsels in legal matters between hospitals and hospital practitioners, between medics and paramedics versus national health services, etc..

For legal disputes not pertaining to the main activities of the firm, it cooperates with other law firms which are specialised in the subject matter concerned, both on a national as well as on an international level.